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Catering to your Digital Needs

Digital Catering provides premium encoding of analog media to modern digital formats. Video tape, vinyl recordings, audio recordings, slides, and photographs are converted to DVD, CD Audio and other digital computer formats.

Services Include:

  • Video Tape to DVD 
  • Vinyl Records to Digital 
  • Audio Cassettes and Tapes to CD
  • Slide and Photo Scanning
  • Colour Labels and Packaging
  • Custom Design Services
  • CD and DVD Duplication

Media Transfer

Save space and keep your precious memories safe by having your home movies and photos converted to a digital format and stored on a CD,  DVD or USB drive. Also we can take your vinyl records and audio cassettes and convert them to digital audio files or to an audio CD. While we digitize we can also remove clicks or pops that exist in the original audio source.

Photo/Film Degradation

Video tape can deteriorate over time and mini DV tape can even more fragile.

Some photographic processes can cause pictures to become faded and discoloured as they age.

Formats We Support

Printed Photographs

8mm and Hi8 Tapes
VHS Tapes
DV Tapes

Vinyl Records
Audio Cassettes

Every Digital Catering CD Audio or DVD project comes with a full colour custom label at no additional charge. Our customers receive two copies of each disc so that one copy may be safely stored as a back up in the event that your main copy is somehow lost or damaged.

Tell us about your project and we will provide a no obligation quotation. 


1113 Gainsborough Rd,
London, ON


Phone: 519-641-2554


Monday - Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment.